Rock River

100% love it
Lovely pools for nude bathing
Tthe pools where Rock River meets West River are lovely places for nude swimming. The third pool upstream tends to be all nude and all gay. Further upstream are secluded trails known for their cruisy-ness.


Upcoming Events at Rock River

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      XBator Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First Timer!
      Never been but have heard so much about this place. I'll be traveling through vermont at the end of the month and want to check this place out. Where do I park. Address and where do I go? Looking to meet some cool guys, fellow bears, hippies and chill guys.

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      raysav69 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love this place. I wasn't able to get there this year and because of the terrain I've had summers that I wasn't able physically to go. I've had 3 hip replacements and some back issues. But now that it is healed I am much better. I never wait to get to the swimming area before I take my clothes off. There is just a freedom of being one with nature in the way GOD intended it to be. There are rock formations in the river that on a hot day you can just sit and let the cool water run over your body. It is clean there. Guys that go there are very good about carrying out whatever they bring in and that is great. It is great to see like minded souls walking through the woods, some walking, some cruising, some engaging. Some are participants and others are spectators. I think that every gay man I have ever known knows about this place.

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      ryvr Over a year ago

      Exercise caution with recent flooding. National Weather Service has flood stage river info here: