Gay Brattleboro and southern Vermont: New England Arts Town

Brattleboro is a small New England arts town with a progressive edge, set in a lush landscape. With a population of only 10,000, the gay scene here is small, but most everyone is gay-friendly. You won't find any gay bars here, but tons of friendly bookstores, cafes, shops and restaurants. Brattleboro has been known as an old hippie town, as well as one of the country's most art friendly towns. In fact, visitors will find a booming art scene with weekly open studios, a vibrant local museum and tons of artis

Placed in the Connecticut and West River Valleys, Brattleboro offers a ton of outdoor activities, making it a great getaway for nature lovers. The region is filled with rivers, ponds and hundreds of acres of forest. And, of course, if you're looking for a spot for a beautiful destination wedding, pro-gay-marriage Vermont offers plenty of romantic options.

Restaurants to check out