Queer Circus Weekend


Join us for a weekend of celebratory LGBTQI circus community! Through workshops, discussions, and shared meals, we'll explore and express queer identity through circus, in a setting where we can feel safe and seen. As outsiders, queers have a beautiful ability to reflect and reveal the world around us, baring both our differences and our sameness. As brave pioneers daring to diverge from the mainstream, we push cultural boundaries and transform society’s expectations. This weekend we'll explore these roles, identities, and powers, and the challenges that come with them, seeking and sharing inspiration. This is an invitation to discuss, witness, and celebrate our community.

This weekend is open to all who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex.

COST: $160 - everyone pitches in and volunteers in order for us to offer this amazing price!

- All weekend workshops & discussions
- 4 meals inclulding dinner Friday, lunch & dinner Saturday, lunch Sunday. Vegan & gluten free options will be provided.
- Admission to NECCA's Flying Nut performance on Friday, December 16th at 7pm
- NECCA Queer Circus t-shirt
  • NECCA-New England Center for Circus Arts
    74 Cotton Mill Hl, # 300, Brattleboro
  • Dec 16-18, 2016
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